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This artwork is truly brilliant, if I gave every artwork 5 stars it wouldn't be fair as you can make your mind up ^^;. This is some lovel...




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A Glitch To Go (Pokemon TF)

It was a wonderful day at the city where two friends were busy looking at a new game that was released about a few weeks ago, Alex was looking at the radar on the phone but there was something wrong with the program.

There was a very exciting silhouette over there; you knew it was exciting, because it was a silhouette. It was just three steps away, oh yes. This very, very exciting silhouette, a 'mon Sophie hadn't caught yet. Just three more steps- maybe that wasn't the right direction, it was still three steps. Three steps another way, and she'd have that awesome Raichu- okay, no, three this way-

She'd taken maybe thirty or thirty six steps in an awkward loop, and managed to bump into Alex several times, when the phone switched off. The red battery icon blinked, once, twice, th- didn't even have the strength for three blinks, let alone a beep.

"Oh my god, that does it!" Sophie didn't have a whole lot of patience to start off with, and the idea of her shiny new game somehow not working on her shiny new phone was beyond annoying. It was on disastrous levels of annoying, possibly even catastrophic. It was all the girl could do not to start making use of her... considerable... vocabulary, staring at the phone in silence.

"What seems to be the problem with it?" asked Alex as he stopped looking at his app on the phone and looked at Sophie's which seemed to have crashed. "Don't worry I'll fix it for you" he then said in a slight panic.

Three-foot blonde pony tails are not easy to flip over one's shoulder. Sophie managed, lettng out her held breath in a huff, trying to keep her voice level. "H-hey, it's fine. Just some stupid glitch. I'm done for today, I'll get it fixed." She stuffed the phone into her pocket, looking away from him. It wasn't fine, really, but like hell was she going to let Alex know about that. Sophie wasn't about to be a damsel in distress here - she definitely wasn't a damsel (a damnsel, quite possibly), and she wasn't going to let herself seem distressed.

"Look I can handle this just---" as Alex was about to finsih his setence he got electrocuted and flew back hitting the grassy terrain. "Ungh!" he cried out as he gingerly got back up.

Sophie made an undignified sound, and then she said something which cannot be repeated here. "Uh, I mean... Are you all right?" With a sheepish smile, she helped him up. Or at least, grabbed his hand and pulled him right back down. She- she was twitching, there were sparks, her eyes rolled back in her head, spots danced in her vision- electricity, more and more. Where it was coming from, she had no idea, but it was going straight into her, it was still going even after a few seconds; this jolt so horrible and so numbing, she couldn't even scream.

"I'm feeling quite strange, it's like I want to run freely, like a wild animal, something that I could-Raiii-about" Alex's eyes widened following a cover of his mouth as he didn't mean to blurt out the strange language that seemed unreal. the term "Rai".

Sophie snapped out of her electric shock, and went straight into pure shock. She was using another language as well, something made of f's and sh's and ck's - not necessarily strange, but... unprintable. Very, very much unprintable. Especially the absolute, unladylike torrent she unleashed on seeing her own ears, long and yellow, brown tips, splayed out on the grass. A less than pretty sight required less than pretty language; the girl delivered, one hundred percent.

Alex's stomach began to gurgle which made the poor young man cringe in slight pain, he tried to ignore it and start walking only to not realize that his stomach began to barrel slightly.

In the grass, Sophie winced. She didn't like the Ear Problem, and she didn't want to move, but she definitely didn't like the idea of being left alone. "H-hey! Where the h-" she swallowed back a certain word, tried again "-Where're you going?"

Shudders racked her body once more, ears flopping against the sides of her head, the twitching starting up every time she moved a muscle - but somehow, she forced herself to her feet. The electricity was building again, building to a crescendo that made every muscle shudder in anticipation. She was going to... something. Soon. "A-ack..."

"Sophie are you alright" asked Alex as he walked back and tried to comfort her, what he then saw literally shocked him completely, soft yellow fur began to rip open the seam of her trousers, and the tail absolutely wrecked them.

The large, very obviously trademarked, yellow tail.

Sophie's jeans went to her ankles; the waistband of her underwear quickly snapped, and gravity did the rest. "Holy- don't look!" Not that there was much to look at, not that she felt all that cold, but - hey, like hell was Sophie about to check. She had much more obvious problems to deal with - like, say, the fact that Alex had two large, orange spots on his face.

She blinked in disbelief, reaching up to touch them and recoiling long before her hand got anywhere near close. Unbelievable as it was, Sophie could feel that they were dangerous.  She could feel the electricity, feel the tremendous power building up inside of Alex. "Th-that's... not normal", she muttered; half to herself, and half to her friend.

Alex took no notice but soft orange fur began to sprout on his cheeks and eventually coming down to his neck and thickening up slightly even pushing the buttoned collar. Alex felt rather comfortable with this, the fur felt like a pillow to him. Infact he decided to roll on the grass. and wanted a belly rub,

Sophie stared at the rolling thing-that-was-once-Alex, mouth wide enough to show off both how horrified she was, and how worryingly few teeth she now had. There was a small part of herself that felt a little jealous, but she kicked it to the kurb in seconds. "...The hell?!? Get up! We've got to do something about this! Go somewhere, I d-don't know-!"

It was probably a futile exercise, but she was panicked enough to try. The electricity was making her antsy, anyway; they needed to move, get help, and now. With a growl far from human, she grabbed Alex by the furry leg, and started hauling him across the grass.

Alex felt the strong pulling off Sophie but completely took no notice of his sandals starting to break apart from his huge Raichu Feet which completely outgrew them breaking the velcro's off. He began to get heavier now and a bit pudgier. The belt off his shorts snapped away in the process.

Sophie only got a couple of steps before she had to stop; not only was the moron getting heavier, but her fingers were fusing together, arms starting to shorten. Looking at Alex's orange and brown paws, her own yellow and brown ears, the Very Much Trademark tail... realization clicked.  She officially had a very bad feeling about this.

"Oh", she said, sitting down abruptly. "Oh." And then she said yet another untypeable.

Alex meanwhile carried on getting chubby as his shorts have burst apart following his underpants, luckily enough his thick fur was enough to cover anything naughty. His buttoned shirt began to strain and stretch ans he chubbyness carried on happening. "Urrf..Raichu" he said having his ears bend down showing sadness.

Sophie's ears flicked up automatically at the display, as much as she hated it. It was as though they had a life of their own; she cringed at the thought, immediately looking away from Alex. Whatever was happening to her, she wasn't going to lose her mind over it until at least the very end. She'd much rather keep it, honestly. She was very fond of it.

...That said, she was almost glad when she started to shrink, and quickly found herself buried under her top. It meant she didn't keep on glancing at the thing her friend was becoming. The sad, sad Raichu, who she couldn't help but feel for. She almost wanted to come out from under the heap, but her legs were fattening now, shoes tearing apart as inhumanly long toes pushed forwards. Even if she'd been rabidly desiring Alex - which she didn't - she probably couldn't get to him anyway.

Eventually the shirt gives way and finaly Alex begna to shrink, it was as if the growth proces had to bedone in order for the right shape of an actual Raichu. Fortunately he seemed to quite like his new form now, especially with a nice lomg tail that swayed behind him,.

"Wow! Check me out!" said Alex as he felt rather happy now with this extrodinary new form.

"I don't wanna. You suck, probably" said the clothing pile. Sophie was in no mood whatsoever for any of this. Something had just occured to her, something important: How was she supposed to play Pokemon Go with paws? There weren't even any claws on them! And as for the walking... She sighed, idly watching her legs shorten into something that was mostly feet, her body shortening waiting for the changes to finish. All she wanted to do right now was movie, and run, and play Pokemon Go, and she couldn't do any of those things! This was totally going to suck.

Alex felt a bit down after a response but decided to wait for Sophie's changes to finish, he looked down on the grass feeling sad and glum.

"Hey! What the heck?!?" Sophie snarled, speeding out from under the heap as soon as her face had snapped out into a muzzle. Sparks flew in all directions from her red cheeks, ears flung straight backwards as she shot across the grass (Thank goodness!, cheered Inner Sophie), bowling Alex straight off his paws. "Your phone! My phone! They're not fully charged, and you're just standing there?!? We're Electric-types, we're literally free batteries! We could play Pokemon Go forever!"

And your tail would make a good stylus, too...

"Hey! Your right"" replied Alex as he smiled as he realised his phones could still be handy.

Snatching up her phone (okay, so admittedly she dropped it twice, but eventually she scooped it up, she was totally going to do this), the Pikachu grinned, holding it out to Alex. She couldn't explain why she felt so... happy now, but it probably had something to do with literally zillions of volts coursing through her body. It was hard not to be a little happy with that much energy.

"So... Gonna fix it?"

Alex looked at Sophie and felt rather happy also, they've become battery chargers that can help recharge devices it would be an awesome new job. "You bet, lets fix it!"

The End.
A Glitch To Go (Pokemon TF)
A TF story collab with :iconrapislash:
  • Reading: Manga
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I need some good advice on how I can improve on a TF Comc
  • Reading: Manga
  • Playing: FIFA 15
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Coke
I need some good advice on how I can improve on a TF Comc


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